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Opening and operating a business can be an incredibly stressful and trying time. How do you create a well thought out, thoroughly researched financial plan that will provide investors the peace of mind needed to encourage them to work with you and your business?

Join us for a short seminar that will help you understand how to forecast your business finances, and how to present them to would be investors.

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This is a four hour event that will cover a variety of different topics, delivered by experienced NatWest business manager, John Clarke. During this seminar, you will learn:

• How to create a comprehensive understanding of planning your financial forecast.

• How to present your forecast in a professional, thorough manner that will give any investors (banks, personal, or other third parties) a clear understanding of your financial projections.

• Tools to work within your financial projections, allowing you to stick to your financial plan.

This is a free event, and one that will assist all level of business owner to understand the best way to present their financial goals to an investor. Business owners may also consider other options like long term loans to help with their business needs. Long term loans are a great solution, and finding the right lender is easy when you use Top Rated Personal Loans


Whitechapel Enterprise Hub
206 Whitechapel Road
London, United Kingdom